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We develop something special together with our clients. With a healthy dose of courage, a little optimism, lots of enthusiasm and attention to detail. Based on profound understanding of the brand and appropriate for the brand, but as a communication-focused maverick.

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Project: Advertising, Art Direction, Creative Direction

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DIVA by makole, Ambiance Campaign
For our customer DIVA by makole, a well-respected fashion store situated in Salzburg, we designed a special outdoor campaign for the Salzburg Festival which addressed the guests of this world famous event. Advertising columns were decked out in little black dresses – classics in fashion and simply the perfect choice for this campaign. The campaign has been published repeatedly around the world – most recently in the international design magazine Chois Gallery Shanghai/US – Vol. 21 “The world’s best graphics”.

Für unseren Modekunden in Salzburg, haben wir eine spezielle Outdoor-Kampagne für die Zeit der Salzburger Festspiele entworfen. Das „Kleine schwarze Kleid“ – klassisch und immer die richtige Wahl – deshalb haben wir Litfaßsäulen in der Stadt Salzburg in den Klassiker gehüllt. Die Kampagne wurde wiederholt rund um die Welt veröffentlicht – ebenfalls publiziert im internationalen Designmagazin Chois Galerie Shanghai / US - Vol. 21 "Die besten Grafikarbeiten der Welt".
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