Special projects require you to dig deep.

Sometimes there are communication measures that break the mold. Projects that are special because they should be especially ‘something’. Especially stand out. Convey an important brand message or new brand mark up. These are referred to as beacon projects, benchmark communication, communicative highlights.

For this kind of projects we are experts.

We love these special projects with their special requirements. Highlights only come to be when you think beyond the expected and ordinary. And there you will find something that hits a nerve: a strong, relevant idea.

Reinhard Obinger

Managing Partner / Creative Director

Reinhard worked as art director at the international network agency JWT in Frankfurt, Germany. His clients there included Nestlé, Wilkinson, Bosch and Kraft. He loves not doing sports, preferring instead the Austrian coffeehouse culture. He likes beautiful designs, loves smart ideas and wears a shirt to important meetings.

Silvia Friedl


Silvia is a graphic designer and has worked in the creative industry for the past six years. One of those years was spent working on Grand Canary island for a non-profit. She loves living in Salzburg and life in general. She enjoys being outdoors with her dog Elli and things that are yellow (the sun, smoothies, FM4 radio...).


Peter Mitterhauser

Managing Partner / Creative Director

Peter has worked in the creative industry since 2004, particularly in the areas of development and design, and doesn’t actually like shirts but rather wearing boardshorts as he kitesurfs around the world. Strategist, manager, networker – this is how he would describe his role at dunkelblaufastschwarz. He likes charming, funny and intelligent advertising, and inspiring others. He has worked for clients such as DasWeltAuto, A1, Suzuki, Orderman and NCR. His strategic long-term life goal: to make the world a little bit better than it already is.


Daniela Schmolly

Web Developer / Project Manager

Daniela is a web developer and project manager and has been in the advertising industry for nine years. For a long time she worked as a freelancer for domestic and international clients. Daniela is extremely well organized and wears unicorn slippers in the office. She loves cooking, makes the best cakes and is always well-dressed.


Sabrina Öttl


Sabrina comes from the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and studied information design at the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz. Sabrina recently finished her bachelor thesis which looked like a publication of the most beautiful typography volumes. She loves beautiful books, preferably with open thread-stitching, and takes public transportation to work every day. She also has her own website.

Our network – awesome people. Every project gets the team it deserves. Nobody is good at everything, but everyone excels in their own right.

Florian Kähler

Creative Director, Freelance Copywriter

Florian is convinced that a strong stance makes brands strong. When brands know what they stand for and what valuable contribution they make, communication is that much easier for them. It is with passion that Florian defines passionate brands, finds and formulates their purpose and their inspiring message. He learned this at Springer & Jacoby and has continued to develop it over the past 18 years, in addition to his classic handcraft of creative campaign concepts. www.florian-kaehler.de

Nina Klein

Brand Management, Strategic Marketing

Nina learnt her trade over 10 years as a Global Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble. Following a break to raise a family of 3 kids (yup!) she has freelanced in the United States, South Africa and more recently Austria. Her focus has been on defining brand and marketing strategies in the food industry, pharma, non-profit organisations, tech start-up and real estate development. Nina is a big believer in clarity of thought and simplicity of strategy and execution.

Christoph Herold

Creative Director, Freelance Copywriter

Christoph worked for a long time as creative director and manager of agencies such as Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, Y&R and JWT, supervising various budgets for companies ranging from Mercedes Benz to Mövenpick. From Renault to Schwäbisch Hall and Obi. He has been self-employed for seven years and assists companies and agencies in the development of communication concepts. He loves generating ideas, writing and of course, cigarettes.

Paul Grabowski

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Paul is an illustrator, graphic designer and animator from Munich, Germany. He loves Indian food and food in general. And drinks. He is right handed and works for domestic and international clients such as BMW, Nokia, Converse, Linde, Süddeutsche. Visit his website here. He does need to update it, though.

Borris Förster


Borris is an entrepreneur and consultant with a focus on the retail trade & consumer goods and one of the end customers most obsessed with people on this planet. He loves new things to test and transform ideas into working business. Over the past few years, he has helped companies take the lead from startups to global market leaders, placing consumers at the center of all action and making the effects measurable. He concentrates on the areas of strategy development for multichannelling, sales funnel implementation and analytics.


exemplifies the deep

submersion into your project.

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